Dealership FAQ & Information

Frequently Asked Questions of GPX Moto for Dealers.

How Do I Become a Dealer?

Please complete the online application found on the front page of the website and a representative will contact you within the next 24/48 hours to review your application.

What Is Required to Become a Dealer?

An authorized dealer must meet local and state requirements, have a store front, showroom and a qualified service department.

Do Dealers Have Protected Areas?

Yes, authorized dealers have a protected territory, based on population and locations.

Does GPX Moto Sell Complete Motorcycles Online?

Yes, BUT your local dealership is protected! We are actively seeking qualified dealers both nationally and internationally in an effort to eliminate all direct sells however, as we build our dealer network, if an authorized dealer is not located within a reasonable distance to the customer we will work with a local shop of choice to arrange delivery and set up for the customer.

What Can I Expect as a GPX Moto Dealer?

OEM parts are available for each and every model, located in our warehouse in Lindon Utah. We ship daily UPS, FED.

Most motorcycle / ATV / UTV orders (when in stock from our Utah distribution center) will ship same day as payment and normally have a 3-5 business day transit time to a dealership in the lower 48. 

Do You Have Aftermarket Part Options?

Many performance options are available to dealers allowing the end user to customize their purchase and get the performance and options they want. From big bore kits, to suspension packages we have the options your customers want. As a convenience many of these options may be purchased through our website or we can direct you to the nearest distributor.

How Do We Get Parts? Do YOu Have Online Ordering and Pricing?

Dealers can check stock, and order products 24/7 from our OEM diagrams. When your dealer account is created, you can login and see your pricing and specials in real time. Every authorized dealer will also be given a specific customer code related to your dealership, this will allow your local customers to order online while still having your dealership retain the margin for OEM parts. Your dealership customer code options will free up valuable time for your sales and parts dept if you choose to use it. Otherwise dealers can order parts online or cal us directly.

Online Tech Help and FAQ

Tech videos, FAQ online for easy tuning tips. Tech info for day to day updates, reviews, events and news. If you can’t find what you are looking for online our tech help is just a call away for easy step by step help with your questions. Our knowledgeable staff with help you resolve any questions or concern you may have.

First Time Ordering and Set Up

When you make your qualifying first order USAMT will include a set up package with marketing materials and banners to hang in your shop so you get things started the right way.

Race Support Program

If a dealer organizes a racing event, we will support and help promote the event, via web site announcements, and by sending our race support package. including banners, marketing materials, and giveaway prizes to support the dealer and the event.

National and International Marketing

USAMT aggressively markets its products through magazine advertising and internet campaigns. By being listed on our dealer locater, we WILL generate sells for you!

Dealer Referral Program

When a customer makes a purchase through our web site, the sell will be forwarded to the nearest dealer. Our site will generate sells for the local dealers. Drop shipping to other locations outstate of the dealer’s territory is NOT allowed.

Custom Printing

Custom graphics printing is available for your race team or to help advertise your dealership. 

Industry Trends

The timing is right for your dealership!

Recent advances in technology, production methods, and quality control measures have enabled manufacturers in the “emerging markets” to develop competitive motorsport products which offer exceptional prices to the retail consumer while maintaining healthy margins for retailers… and the “BIG BOYS” have taken notice… In fact, you may have noticed the current trend towards “non-traditional” motorsports retailers, including big-box retail outlets and warehouse stores, in addition to the ongoing “E-Bay” phenomenon, whereby motorsports equipment is sold via the internet, sight unseen, with no provision for warranty and/or after-sales service.

While the “traditional” motorsports world continues to report declining North American sales, these sales are instead being realized by big-box retail outlets, fly-by-night internet operations, in addition to the “next generation” dealers and distributors who do not report their sales numbers to “traditional” industry organizations. Therefore, industry sales numbers are likely to be inaccurate, at best.

For those of you who can think back to the early 1970’s, you may recall that the products, services, and image of the now major OE Manufacturers were not so far removed from what is being seen from emerging market manufacturers today… nimble organizations who were able to quickly identify and react to rapidly changing market conditions along with basic, reliable products offering excellent value to the consumer. Judging from their success, these organizations had the foresight to develop products which appealed to the much larger demographic which was being under-served by the domestic market at the time.


Today, the situation is very much the same… Sure, there is a market segment comprised of individuals who are willing and able to purchase a $15,000.00 All-Terrain Vehicle with options previously reserved for high-end automobiles. However, there is a much larger, under-served demographic who would rather purchase 3 basic, reliable ATVs for a similar cost. Today, the major OEMs, who redefined the motorsports industry in their day, are finding that their market is being redefined around them.

“Next Generation” dealers and distributors are leading the way by satisfying the demand of the much larger market niche which has been long since forgotten by the major OEMs… This has led to a tremendous opportunity for those who can identify new trends and are willing to capitalize on these opportunities… DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND…

USA MOTORTOYS ( manufacture, designer and distributor of GPX MOTO and Pitster Pro products ) was established in anticipation of the paradigm shift currently being experienced in the motorsports industry. Our goals are…..

To create a leadership position in the motorsports industry by employing long-term strategic vision.

To redefine the motorsports industry by questioning traditional thought.

To provide another profit center to motorsports businesses who, regardless of their approach, often suffer at the hands of big-box retail outlets.

By delivering on our promises and realizing our key organizational goals, we anticipate continued, exponential growth in each industry sector we focus on, including ATVs, On/Off-Road Motorcycles, Scooters, Power Equipment, and MORE…


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